fs X-Ray Source

The Plasma-X-Ray-Source is a device used to generate characteristic X-radiation pulses with a duration of down to approx. 100 femtoseconds.

To study the dynamic behavior of atoms, a time resolution in the femto- to picosecond scale is required.

Synchrotrons can provide X-ray pulses with a duration of down to a few picoseconds. It is possible to shorten these pulses to about a hundred femtoseconds, but this means a decrease in brilliance. That’s why worldwide people are working on sources like the XFEL, which generate high brilliant X-ray pulses with a duration of down to 10 femtoseconds.

By the availability of pulsed laser-systems with a puls-duration in the range of 30-50 femtoseconds an affordable alternative is given by laser-plasma sources, which provide the possibility to perform ultra-fast experiments in laboratory scale.

The plasma-X-ray-source of IFG has been designed to be included in an individual experimental set-up for pump-probe-experiments. To operate the source an appropriate laser-system is required.

As target a copper-tape is used, which is moved on motor-driven spools inside a vacuum-chamber on high-precision bearings. The laser-pulses are focussed onto the target. By the high intensity X-ray-pulses of characteristic radiation and bremsstrahlung are generated. These are focussed onto the sample with an X-ray-optic.

IFG is the only company worldwide, which provides such a plasma-X-ray-source as scientific device for laboratories and institutes.