For the industrial production of chalcopyrite solar cells it is necessary to monitor the lateral absorber uniformity (thickness, composition) on the flat substrates to ensure their efficiency. For this purpose, two types of ELBRUS scanners have been developed: The table scanner iXSCAN.STAND is designed for off-line studies in R&D and quality assurance at the time. However, by appropriate constructional customisation it can also be integrated into the production line. The portable scanner iXSCAN.PORT is intended for use at various points in a pilot line.

Both scanner types can be operated with all ELBRUS measuring heads, like COMPACT, STANDARD and RAPID. Drives, gearboxes, control and encoder are realized based on Nanotech components, if not the use of other components is required specified by work standards. According to the applicative requirements the associated cabinet is equipped in each case with the required control panel, power supply and signal processing units, industrial PC and uninterrupted power supply. The control of both scanners is made by IfG software.

2D - Table Scanner ELBRUS iXSCAN.STAND

  • Frame incl. housing contains all mechanical components and ensures the radiation protection,
  • Measuring head movable in xy-direction, user-defined software controlled positioning about the width of the sample (e.g. for sample size of 1220 x 610mm², positioning accuracy of 200μm), the xy-system consists of two synchronized x-axis and one y-axis mounted on both x-axis,
  • Placement by means of a pull-out drawer (manual and motorized operation),
  • Calibration samples can be reached,
  • Mounting of additional measurement capabilities, e.g. Raman Probe (structure information) and/or CCD camera (surface inspection).

1D – Portable Scanner ELBRUS.iXSCAN.PORT

  • Placing in a transportable container, which incorporates all the mechanical components and ensuring the radiation protection,
  • X-scan, user-defined software controlled positioning about the width of the sample,
  • Calibration samples can be reached.