SLcam® -
X-Ray Color Camera

The SLcam® is a Color X-ray Camera. It permits to detect with high spatial and energetic resolution the X-ray fluorescence emitted from samples to visualise the elemental composition.

The descriptive name "Color X-ray Camera" means that this device measures spatially resolved different wavelengths (energies). In the visible light spectrum, different wavelengths correspond to different colors, but X-ray light is invisible for the human eye. Therefore the wavelength of X-ray light is assigned to the characteristic X-ray fluorescence lines of the elements. Such a representation gives an image of the elemental distribution of a sample. Similar to the progress from black-and-white to color pictures the spatially resolved quantitative measurement of the elemental distribution of a sample allows a new view on X-ray analytical methods.

A new generation of CCD's, so-called pnCCD's, can register a complete spectrum in each pixel. This CCD is coupled to specially designed, exchangeable polycapillary optics that guide the emitted X-ray quanta from the source origin to the pixel at the detector. It is therefore possible to measure a sample by using X-ray analytics simultaneously spatially and energetically resolved. As the sample is investigated as a whole and online preview of the elemental distribution is possible, an overview is ready after a few minutes. Especially qualitative statements are obtained faster than with conventional scanning systems. The compact design allows a fast setup without complex adjustments. As a stand-alone unit, the SLcam® can be used in various experimental geometries and can be integrated into experimental setups very easy.

The SLcam® measures simultaneously 69696 spectra over an area of (12x12) mm2.  The energetic resolution is comparable to conventional Silicon drift detectors (<160 eV for Manganese K line). With conically polycapillary optics a magnification up to 6 times is reached, giving a spatial resolution of 8 µm.